Indoor Activities for kids and adults

Indoor Activities for Kids and Adults

Indoor Activities for Kids and Adults


We get it, no one likes the cold. There never seem to be enough activities for the whole family to take part in. Winter weather always seems to cancel plans, so it’s essential to have some backup options in times of need. Indoor Activities are tough to find, especially in the winter when no one wants to leave the house! 

Here are 4 Indoor Activities that will be fun for kids and adults!

  1. Cake Decorating Kits - Ship the Fun to your doorstep! A day of baking and decorating creates the best memories, but there is always the dread of cleanup. Shippable Cake Decorating Kits will solve your problems! With freshly baked, small-batch cakes and buttercream, decorating tools, directions, and professional piping sets, all of the hassle is replaced with fun! 
  2. Cookie Decorating Kits - Just like Cake Decorating Kits, cookie and cupcake kits come loaded with an abundance of tools to be creative! With over 15 themes to choose from, it’s hard to only pick one! 
  3. DIY Decorating Classes - Local to the STL area? Stop in for a Cake Decorating Class! Learn transferable skills during each class. Sign up for one and you’ll be coming back for more! (Perfect family outing event). 
  4. Virtual Events - Are you looking for something to bring together family, team members, or friends? Virtual Cake Decorating Parties are the way to do it! Bond with your people over the cake, buttercream, and smiles! For our fierce competitors out there - set up a Nailed It! Competition!

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