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What People Are Saying

Best company party to date! The staff made it super fun for us. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Tom L. (St. Louis CEO)

We wanted to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful week! Kaitlyn loooved everything you worked on this week and can't wait to do more. We will likely be signing up for more classes this summer, once we know what our return to work looks like. She is super excited and can't wait!

Danielle S.

We had so much fun at our Virtual GNO night! I can't remember laughing so hard. And the buttercream is ridiculous!

Barbara P.

I was amazed at the quality of Sweetology. Absolutely wonderful! I'd be lost in the baking stage of things without Sweetology.

Jamie S.

Sweetology was the best investment we ever made. We use it every year to send gifts to our customers. I even send some to myself to give to family.

Leonardo K.

I just wanted to let your staff know how much fun I had last night at the Girl's Night Out event.  I learned so much.  I will be returning in the near future to do more decorating!!!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your shop!!  I wish I had one down where I live.  You girls rock!!!   

Ellie 2021

"The kit was better than what you would buy at a local store. It had some things that made it better and also gave a variety of things to use. It was self paced with assistance if needed which allowed for me to be creative and not rushed"

Charles Hall