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Top 5 Secrets to a Great Kids Birthday Party

Top 5 Secrets to a Great Kids Birthday Party

We understand that planning a party can often be overwhelming and that coming up with fun birthday party ideas can be time-consuming. After 10 years of party-throwing experience, we discovered a few keys to help you relax and ensure you throw the best kids’ birthday party ever. 


Birthday Party Ideas for Teen Girls

1. A Fun Activity - Let Go of “Perfect”

All birthday parties need an entertaining activity! Kids have fun anytime they are allowed to be creative. No need to worry about the end result, just let them play and explore their imagination. At Sweetology, we have thrown hundreds of birthday parties over the last 10 years. Trust us when we tell you every single cupcake comes out beautiful, fun, and delicious.


Unicorn Cake Decorating Kit for Teen Girls

2. Yummy Food - We all Love Cake!

Every great party needs great food and every birthday party needs delicious cake. You can make the birthday cake even more special by using made-from-scratch buttercream and designing the cake to reflect your specific theme. Whether you choose groovy tie-dye or farm animals, you will make special memories by creating a cake that is one of a kind.


Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas Budget

3. Catchy Music - Music Lifts Every Party

There is nothing better than connecting with friends over songs. Create a unique playlist that captures the theme of the party or taps into the imagination of your guests. If you really want to elevate the fun, think about pairing your creative activity with the theme of the music or incorporating a fun game. The only thing more fun than decorating cupcakes is decorating cupcakes while singing “Let It Go” or dancing to the “Cha Cha Slide.”


Tween Girl Birthday Party Ideas under $50

4. Friends and Family - The More the Merrier? Not always.

The most important person at the party is the birthday girl or boy. Bigger is not necessarily better. It is important to think about your child and what would make them happy. Some kids do great with a high stimulus environment but others could feel too much pressure. It is okay to have a smaller party with just close family or friends. The important thing is to make the birthday kid feel special.

5. Decorations - Color me Happy!

Nothing says “happy” more than balloons and decorations. It is impossible to not feel excited when walking into a room filled with colorful balloon bouquets. Our personal favorites are the 3-foot balloons — one or two of them can really brighten a room and say “let’s party.” Think about extra creative touches that tie into the theme and will make your party unforgettable. For example, if your theme is outer space, give each of your guests a CandyCrush! cube of our Astronaut Tarts, or for a unicorn theme, you could gift each of your guests with a unicorn horn lollipop. You get the picture, be creative and have fun! 

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