Beginners Cake Decorating Tutorial

Beginner’s Guide to Piping Kits

Beginner’s Guide to Piping Kits

Every Sweetology decorating kit includes a professional piping kit that you will use to decorate your cake, cupcakes, or cookies. To set up your piping kit, you will need your blue reusable piping bag, piping tips, plastic coupler, bags of frosting, and extra piping bags, which are all included in your box.

Step 1: Open your piping kit

Step 2: Unscrew the two plastic coupler pieces

Step 3: Place the larger plastic piece inside the blue piping bag

Step 4: Slide your desired piping tip inside the smaller plastic piece

Step 5: Screw the small piece containing the piping tip onto the larger piece from the outside of the bag

Step 6: Cut the tip off the piping bags containing colored frosting

Step 7: If the frosting bag is leaking, place one of the extra piping bags on the outside

Step 8: Place the color frosting you want to use inside the blue piping bag

Step 9: Easily swap out your colors of frosting and piping tips 

Step 10: Have fun decorating! 



Practice your skills with one of our DIY decorating kits!

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