Sweetology Dinosaur Cake Decorating Kit

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This Dino Means No Harm! Entertain the Jurassic Park Enthusiasts in your life.

RAWR! This Dino Cake Decorating Kit is the perfect gift or activity for everyone! Sweetology makes decoration fun and easy while providing irreplaceable memories! With ready-to-decorate, fresh-baked cake sent right to your front door, we ensure that clean-up is a breeze and everyone is entertained until the last sprinkle is placed. Sweetology removes all the hassle and leaves all the fun of at-home cake decorating.

Decorating Kit Includes:

  • 3 6" Cake layers
  • 35oz Vanilla Buttercream 
  • 5 professional stainless steel decorating tips and reusable piping bag
  • Extra professional piping bags
  • Food Coloring Gels
  • Bench Scraper 
  • Fondant

    *Sweetology's sugar decor is subject to wholesaler quantities. When necessary, Sweetology may make similar substitutions for decor and sprinkles.