Planning a corporate team building event and party

Planning a Corporate Party

Planning a Corporate Party

It’s no secret that happy employees make better employees. Employees that enjoy where they work are more productive, and tend to stay with their companies longer. More employers are budgeting time and money for special events to keep their employee morale high while also getting to know one another outside of a working environment.

At Sweetology, we have a ton of ideas for hosting your next work event with us. From cupcake decorating bars to team building activites and cake decorating challenges, we'll sprinkle your next corporate gathering with creative fun. If you’re not looking to take the party outside of the office- we can bring the party to you! We understand that in addition to keeping your workplace organized and productive, organizing an event can be quite cumbersome. With these tips and tricks, we hope to make your outing with us a huge success.

  • Find the perfect time for your outing. Chances are your employees won’t want to stay after work late for special events. Take a few hours out of the work day for your fun outing- this may seem counterproductive, but it allows your employees to fully enjoy themselves without worrying about getting home to relieve the sitter.
  • Include all the necessary information in an invitation. Email or otherwise, let your employees know when your outing is going to occur well ahead of time, so they can make sure to prioritize their work load. If your outing requires specific dress (not necessary for Sweetology!) then let your employees know that in your invitation.
  • Provide parking. If the parking situation is difficult, consider limiting your guest list or hiring a shuttle for your guests. If the event takes place at an establishment that offers valet parking, arrange beforehand to handle the fees and gratuities for your guests. At Sweetology, we have an excellent amount of parking space for our guests. Of course, we can bring the
  • Finalize preparations on the day of the event.  Of course, we handle all of the party prep for you, but you’re going to want to review any last-minute details. Mentally walk through the event. Our Sweetology staff is always ready to answer any questions you may have about your party. Review the names of guests, spouses, and significant others, as well as company affiliations- if you are inviting more than just your employees to attend.
  • Greet your guests. As your first guests arrive, greet them at the door. Introduce newcomers all around the room until the number of guests gets too large. When that happens, introduce newcomers only to the people who are closest at hand. Our party space is the perfect place for mingling, and while your employees are enjoying the fun of icing their favorite confection they’ll have a chance to chat with one another in a fun environment.
  • Enjoy Your Event – make sure to take time to enjoy your company event. If your employees see that you’re having fun they will be more likely to let loose and enjoy themselves too.

Reserve your party today! Decorating is increasing in popularity, and is a skill that your employees will enjoy learning together. Sweetology parties, or any corporate outing, is a great way for your team to spend an afternoon outside of the cubicle, and they’ll thank you for it!


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