Haunted Halloween Gingerbread House Alternative to Corporate Party Ideas

Company Activities for Halloween Are a Great Way to Connect

Company Activities for Halloween Are a Great Way to Connect

We think Halloween is one of the best times of year to get together with your colleagues and have a little fun while bonding as a team. We all know the holidays can get a little crazy and busy. Why not launch into the fun season alternative to the tired corporate holiday party?

Planning Halloween activities for your company can be a fun way to boost employee morale and foster a sense of community. Here are some Halloween ideas for company activities:

  1. Costume Contest: Who doesn't like a costume? It allows you to be creative and get outside of your normal "work" roles. Organize a costume contest where employees can dress up in creative and spooky costumes. You can have different categories like "Best Group Costume," "Scariest Costume," and "Most Creative Costume." Offer prizes for the winners. 

  2. Pumpkin Carving Contest: Provide pumpkins and carving tools, and encourage employees to get creative with their pumpkin designs. Display the finished pumpkins around the office or virtually if you're working remotely, and let employees vote for their favorites.

  3. Haunted Office Tour: Decorate the office space with Halloween-themed decorations and host a guided "haunted" office tour. Have employees take turns as tour guides, sharing spooky stories and legends about the office.  During covid we event had one law firm arrange an entire drive through Halloween party in the parking garage. The kids loved it!

  4. Trick-or-Treating: Set up a trick-or-treat station in the office where employees can go from desk to desk collecting treats or small prizes. Make sure to encourage everyone to decorate their workspaces.We have some clients that transport their office into a Halloween event for kids and spouses to come and collect candy.

  5. Haunted Gingerbread Houses: We have a lot of fun with this one at Sweetology. It is a new and spooky twist on the Holiday Gingerbread House. We have clients that set this up as a competition or just to hang out together while they make their houses out of gummy worms, spiders and all things scary.

  6. Themed Potluck Lunch: Organize a Halloween-themed potluck lunch where employees bring in their favorite spooky dishes. Encourage creativity by having a "gross" food competition where people create dishes that look scary but taste delicious.

  7. Escape Room Challenge or Decorating Class: Set up a Halloween-themed escape room in the office or virtually. Employees can work in teams to solve puzzles and "escape" from a haunted scenario. Or host a private virtual Spooky Cupcake Decorating Class.

  8. Halloween Charity Drive: Incorporate a charitable aspect by organizing a donation drive for Halloween-themed items such as costumes, candy, or decorations. Donate the collected items to a local charity or shelter. We have had one client that brought children in from a local shelter to collect candy.

  9. Virtual Costume Party - Your next Zoom meeting can be a little more relaxed and fun if everyone shows up in a costume. You can even ship out a little candy gift or decorate Spooky Cupcake as one of your activities.

  10. Halloween Karaoke: Organize a Halloween-themed karaoke session where employees can sing their favorite spooky songs. Provide a list of Halloween songs for them to choose from.


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