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It’s Back to School Time: Bye Sweet Summer, Hello Frosted Fall!

It’s Back to School Time: Bye Sweet Summer, Hello Frosted Fall!

The end of summer vacation is approaching quickly (or already arrived for many), and the kids will be back to school before you know it. Whether your kids are dragging their feet and less than excited about jumping back in to the school routine or they can’t wait to organize their pencil case, you can help ease the transition and incentivize them with a fun day of decorating.  Ramp up with some back-to-school themed cupcakes or let them go free-style and decorate whatever their imagination can dream up. You can drop in and decorate 7-days a week or order the “Back-to-School” Cookie or Cupcake Decorating Kit and decorate at home.  Kits are available for in-store pick up or delivery nationwide. Whether you share this special activity at home or bring cupcakes to share with the class, it’s a perfect way to start off the year on a sweet note.

Do you have a play group, team, or bevy of neighborhood kids who want to decorate together?  Schedule your group outing as a Sweetology party and let the kids bond over buttercream.  From elementary school to middle school to high school aged students, there is always a creative experience they’ll love. It’s rare to find an activity that hits the “sweet spot” for tweens and teens but they love upping the ante with our creative team-building activity or friendly cake decorating competitions.  It’s a sure way to bring some smiles and forge friendships.

We can’t really talk about back-to-school without mentioning the amazing teachers and staff that put it all together.  This is an extra busy time of year for them too as they prepare classrooms, lesson plans and materials, meet parents and welcome students. It’s a great time to acknowledge their hard work and send wishes for a great year with the kids. While you’re also busy with back-to-school shopping, errands and activities, baking treats might not make it on to your to-do list. A quick stop to shop our Sweet Bar frosted cupcakes and cookies is the time-saver you need to “ace” the appreciation gift. Available individually or order by the dozen. We can even create a custom logo cookie or topper with your school colors, mascot, or letters, perfect for school gatherings, fundraisers, or homecoming weekend!  Call us for more details.

Stop by for a read next week when we discuss a variety of fun fundraising options with Sweetology!

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