Where Fundraising Takes The Cake

Where Fundraising Takes The Cake

Are you looking for a better way to raise money for your program?


Is the guilt of selling wrapping paper, inferior candy, and hard-to-use discount cards too much to bear? DON’T WORRY! Whether it’s a sports team, club, or school, we have great ways that you can hit your fundraiser out of the park.

We know finding the right product and company to partner with is key to holding a successful fundraiser. The choice will impact the amount of support you get, the portion of profit you receive, and of course how many people will buy the product from you. You can trust Sweetology will deliver on quality and value. 

Gift Cards


Take a  low-key way approach by selling Sweetology Gift Cards.  Sell Sweetology gift cards to earn 10% back from each card sold. 


Incentivised Shopping


Make a day of it! Host a decorating day or weekend at Sweetology to earn a percentage of the sales for your organization. Gather as many people within your community as you can to come shop at Sweetology and earn 10% of sales from your decorating day to benefit your cause. 

Decorating Kits


Bring them to their feet with gourmet cookie and cupcake decorating kits. People love our kits not only because they are a tasty treat, but because they also provide a fun and hassle-free decorating experience that can be shared with friends and family. Earn up to $10 cash back from every decorating kit sold. Our cookie & cupcake decorating kits are great anytime, and also come in all sorts of festive themes to fit the season, sport or holiday. Cupcakes are pre-baked and made to last several days outside the freezer or may be frozen and decorated later.

Regardless of which fundraising option you choose, we want you to succeed.  We’ll support your fundraising efforts with product people will LOVE and FREE marketing material templates customized to fit your organization’s goals, explain how the proceeds will be spent and co-brand with your logo.

Ready to get started? Email info@sweetology.com today!

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