Sweetology Designer Cupcakes


Enter a Cake Lover's Paradise with Sweetology's Designer Cupcakes

Delicious, fresh-baked cupcakes topped with our decadent real buttercream frosting.  Choose your favorite flavors. Sweetology makes birthdays easy with individually decorated cupcakes. Our designer cupcakes are decorated to perfection and are sure to make an impression on whomever's birthday you are celebrating.

Cupcake Flavors:

  • Classic Decadent vanilla cupcake with a house-made vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate Lovers Our rich chocolate cupcake with house-made chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate chips and ganache
  • Chocolate Twist - Our rich chocolate cupcake with house-made vanilla buttercream, topped with a chocolate non-pareil 
  • Vanilla Twist - Our vanilla cupcake with house-made chocolate buttercream, topped with sprinkles  
  • Lemon Squeeze - Vanilla cupcake filled with lemon filling, topped with house-made lemon buttercream and a lemon candy 
  • Chocolate Oreo - Rich chocolate cupcake topped with a house-made Oreo buttercream and topped off with an oreo and oreo crumbs 
  • Confetti - Vanilla cupcake baked with rainbow sprinkles and vanilla buttercream, topped with an animal cracker

This item is available for in store PICKUP only!