Sweetology Earth Layers Giant Cake Pop

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Sweetology: DIY Cake Decorting Kit Explores the Science of the Earth's Layers.

Improve conceptual learning with hands-on experience constructing this edible 3-D model of Earth's Layers.

Students can visualize and learn about each layer of the earth from the inner core, to the outer core, the mantle, and the crust. The Earth's Layers 3-D Model Giant Cake Pop Project Kit is an excellent accompaniment to your Earth Science lesson plans to help enhance learning.

(No baking required)

Sweetology Play & Learn project kits provide hands-on fun with edible, educational projects that will spark learning and discovery. These unique decorating kits provide an ingenious opportunity to wrap your science lesson in a creative package. Projects help build awareness of our connection to nature, practice color mixing, measuring, and develop fine-motor, visual and general motor skills. The only thing kids will love more than creating these projects, is eating them!