Online Team Building and Holiday Parties

The holidays with COVID-19 are not cancelled.  We are still connecting people with our popular team building online. 

Cake Decorating? Holiday Cooking Decorating? Corporate Themes? Gingerbread Houses or even Halloween Houses? Here is how it works.

Have fun decorating in your own virtual party room and a Sweetologist will attend and host and facilitate the party.  The Sweetologist will welcome your guests, provide a tour of the materials that were shipped to each guest prior to the event and provide some basic decorating instruction. Events can be structured to be a fun competition, a specific decorating theme or just a fun time to be together, apart. 

There is no limit to the number of guests that can participate and we can accommodate any budget or theme. Please check out the positive reviews we have received from some our corporate Sweetologist.  Please contact to receive custom pricing.