Our Story

Our Story


A place where Willy WonkaTM meets cake and cookie decoration, a place where mothers, fathers, children, friends, grandparents and business colleagues come to create, smile, team-build and enjoy each other while celebrating special moments with creative edible fun.  Sweetology has been that place since opening its first store in St. Louis in 2014. Now, 7 years and 3 stores later, Sweetology has opened its E-commerce store and is shipping the fun nationally.

Sweetology was conceived and founded by Kara Newmark. Kara’s dream was to capture the magic she experienced as a young child when her mom decorated her 12th birthday cake inspired by the cover of Seventeen magazine. The cake Kara’s mom presented to her was far from magazine cover “perfect” but it was perfect because of the intention, thought and love behind it.  In that moment, Kara’s 12 year old self knew that she was special and it is that feeling of being special that is at the heart of Sweetology’s cake decorating and creative fun. Sweetology isn’t about the cake. Rather, it is about creating those experiences and moments that bring us closer and marking the milestones with memories.

The Sweetology Experience

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