Sweetology Virtual Party

Have fun decorating in your own virtual party room and a Sweetologist will attend and facilitate the party. The Sweetologist will welcome your guests, provide a tour of the materials in your guests' decorating kits and provide basic decorating instruction. Contact your Sweetologist at info@sweetology.com to add your party to our virtual party calendar. After booking your party time slot in the Virtual Calendar, simply pick out the decorating kits that you wish to decorate and ship them to your guests. 

First step. Book your party date and time through our virtual calendar. A Sweetologist will contact you with her email prior to the event.

Second step. Order the decorating kits and ship them to your guests. 

Third step. Send out invitation to your guest and the Sweetologist to join you in the virtual party room.

Fourth step.  Have a blast!

Note: Buttercream and cake are stable at room temperature, so you are free to ship to your guest now and have them place the baked products in the freezer and the buttercream in the refrigerator until the day of the party. All sugar decorations, sprinkles and fondant should we kept at room temperature and sealed until the party. Each kit will have detailed instructions.

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