Inspiration of Sweetology

Inspiration of Sweetology

There is nothing that says “I love you” better than a homemade cake or hot pink icing spread all over sticky little fingers.

Some of my fondest memories of childhood revolve around the creation of cookies and cakes with people I loved. That feeling carried over into my adult life as I found the joy and love of baking and decorating with my own kids. I love baking with my kids, decorating sugar cookies, licking bowls, bringing a special home baked treat to a friend and smelling and eating the results! This warm, happy, feeling is what inspired me to create Sweetology. I have been an entrepreneur most of my professional life but always in the area of life science, technology. I knew that when I started my own company it would be around something that I had passion around and something that truly was a joy. Why do anything else? Lightening struck one day when I realized there was magic in just doing what you love, thus, the beginning of Sweetology. I love making people happy by the simple gesture of baking something just for them, something made with the intention of saying “you’re special.” I understood this feeling for the first time on my 12th birthday. I did not grow up with fancy designer cakes for birthdays. Rather, mom would simply make us our favorite. But this year, my 12th birthday, she decided to make the cake on the cover of Seventeen Magazine, a cake that I had pointed out “was the most beautiful cake in the world.” The cake wasn’t “perfect” but it was priceless! It was made from her heart for me. There is nothing better! Sweetology is that place. It is the place where imagination, intention, smiles and the warmth of giving can be realized and experienced. It is the place where you go to bring a little more happiness and a little more sunshine into the world by the simple act of creating something delicious for someone special. It’s simple.

-Kara Newmark, Chief Sugar Mama and Founder

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