Fall in Love with our new Cordial Cupcakes of the Month

Fall in Love with our new Cordial Cupcakes of the Month

As the heat of summer slowly fades and the trees begin to give way to the subtle shades of change, we’re ready to bring on the colors and flavors of Fall! With the anticipation of cooler weather and our favorite holidays on the horizon, we’re dreaming up sweet concoctions, decorated confections and a few spooky decorating class creations. We bet you’re going to fall in love with our newest flavor additions; our new Cordial Cupcakes.

A few weeks ago we came across an article from the New York Times about how a popular 1970’s cordial cocktail pie recipe turned into a sweet formulaic challenge for a statistician. He turned the pie recipe into 50+ boozy confections. He started with Brandy Alexander Pie and realized there was a simple ratio he could easily adapt to almost any cocktail by substituting the alcohol and varying the crust. Intrigued by this idea, we set out to create our own twist for these boozy, cordial cocktail pies and came up with our own version of decadent cordial cupcakes. We are looking forward to sharing our creations each month over the next year with our Cordial Cupcake of the Month program when each of these booze-infused cupcakes makes a limited one-month engagement. Below is a tentative schedule of the vintage cocktail that month’s cupcake but be sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn more details about the upcoming flavors and release dates. 21 and over with a valid ID will be required for purchase.

October- Chocolate Mint
November- Sabra
December- Egg Nog
January- Shady Lady
February- Pink Squirrel
March- Irish Coffee
April- Brown Velvet
May- Banana Chocolate Cream
June- Raspberry Alexander
July- Blackberry Alexander
August- Brandy Alexander
September- Cherry Suisse

To read more about our inspiration, check out the New York Times article, https://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/29/magazine/29food.html

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