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Building Relationship $500

Building Relationship

During this team-building event, teams will be divided according to corporate objectives or randomly. Each group will design and decorate a cake utilizing various tools, fondant, coloring, candy and chocolate. Teams first compete in a trivia session that enables them to earn points and purchase items for decorating. Trivia can be general or corporate focused. Teams may also be assigned “market forces” cards that will become challenges that they need to incorporate into the design or process. Teams will be timed and will be judged according to time, creativity, neatness and alignment with overall objective. Group size 10-30. Program time: 2 hours.

Giving Back $500

Giving Back

Often relationships are built by coming together with the common goal of doing good for the community. Sweetology has partnered with It’s Your Birthday Inc., a non-profit that provides birthday parties for kids in crisis. These kids are either in domestic violence or homeless shelters. It is the belief of It’s Your Birthday Inc. that every child deserves a birthday. Sweetology has developed a team building program in which groups are assigned and given a cake design at random. Each of the cakes is themed toward a birthday cake for one of these children. The groups will receive limited instruction and will be able to use any of the materials in the store to execute their design. Teams will be timed and will be judged according to time, creativity, neatness and alignment with overall objective. Group size 10-30. Program time: 2 hours.

Speed Dating $600

Speed Dating

During this team building event the focus is building relationships with a large number of people in a fast paced challenging setting. The individuals will be divided into group and will be rotated through groups. Each group will have 15 minutes to answer a small specific challenge. For example, sculpt a minion out of fondant that can be placed on a cake. Pipe a rose out of frosting. After the speed dating exercise, a larger team or teams will be formed to then create a cake design using the materials created during the speed dating exercises. Group Size 10-30. Program time: 2 to 3 hours.

High Performing Teams $750

High Performing Teams

In this active and engaging session, which emphasizes the attributes of high performing teams, your group will focus on hands-on coaching skills and positioning others for success. Teams will be established and then determine who among them will be positioned to craft the vision of the team and who among them will go to learn the hard skills required for execution of the vision. Once determined, the group will break out into skill building and design crafting sessions. For example, a Sweetologist will demonstrate how to create the perfect canvas, or how to pipe a border. While the skills team is learning new skills, the remaining teams are challenged to design a cake. The skills team will then be required to teach their team members the skill. Our 3-phased approach includes completing a challenging teambuilding activity, teaching another group the activity in real-time, and then engaging in a rich discussion for applying these principles in the workplace. This session highlights the benefits of sharing best practices while creating a bonding atmosphere, which includes celebrating the success of the entire group. Group size 10-30. Program time: 3 – 4 hours.


Wine and Beer Bar

Wine and beer can be added to the experience for an additional fee. Sweetology has a wide offering of wine and beers. Premium wine, beer or spirits can be added as well. Pricing may vary.

Savory Offerings

Sweetology has recommendations for caterers and will facilitate providing food for an additional cost of $100 plus the cost of food ordered. However, the client is welcome to bring in any of its own food. Sweetology allows only savory food to be brought into the store as long as we do not sell the same or similar item. In order to keep the facility safe for everyone, we do have a no nut policy.

Cupcake Decorating Bar

Do you want to send your guest home with his or her own cupcake or eat a cupcake during the event? For $5.00 a person we will set up a cupcake decorating bar and each guest can have unlimited access to the materials in the store to create their own cupcake. We will also provide pre-decorated cupcakes or for $3.50 or pre-decorated cookies for $2.99 a person. Cookies and cupcakes can be customized for an additional charge.

After Hours/Additional Time

Sweetology will open the store after hours for a private event with an additional charge of $150 for each 2 hours of programming time. If the client would like to add additional time to the time allocated, the charge will be $75 per additional hour. If the client would like the store to be closed to the public during regular business hours an additional $500 fee will be applied.

Do you provide dairy free, nut free and gluten-free options?

 Yes, we will work with you to try an meet these concerns. Our baked goods and frostings do not contain nuts but are produced in a facility that also processes nuts. Some of the pre-packaged candy contains nuts. Each client should be responsible for his or her own consumption. Sweetology has ingredient lists for everything in its store. However, we cannot guarantee 100% nut free environment and if someone has a severe nut allergy we would recommend that they not partake in the experience. We do have gluten-free chocolate and vanilla cake. Our buttercream and some of the cakes contain almond extract. Our chocolate cake has no almond extract and we have almond free buttercream as well. We also provide a dairy free option. We have dairy free frosting available and our chocolate gluten-free cake is dairy free as well. We simply ask to know in advance if there are any guests that have special requests.

What ages is this team building appropriate?

We have found that SweetTeamSM is appropriate and valuable for any age. Whether you have a diverse corporate population or are working solely with teens, SweetTeamSM is a delicious and fun way to build communication and trust.

What are your business hours?

Sweetology is open Monday-Sunday.
Monday to Wednesday 10a.m.-6 p.m.
Thursday & Friday – 10a.m.-8 p.m. Happy Hour Pricing 6p.m.to 8 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. -6:00 p.m.Sunday 12p.m.-4 p.m.

How do I book a team event?

How do I book a team event? If you are interested in booking a team event, you can go online and register at www.sweetology.com. A SweetTeamSM manager will contact you to develop the customized curriculum for you. Or you can email at info@sweetology.com