College Care Packages From Sweetology

College Care Packages From Sweetology

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a hug from mom or dad but that’s not so easy once your kids leave for college. While there’s truly no substitute for the real thing, we know our decorating kits bring smiles with warm reminders of hugs from home.  Read on to learn a little more about what motivated us to start shipping cookie and cupcake decorating kits as care packages and celebrations for birthdays and holidays.

We know from experience there are plenty of ups and downs that come with sending your child off to college, for you and them. Between our two families, we’ve launched four kids in three years and crisscrossed the country for move-ins, parent’s weekends, family days, and special events. We’ve seen the college highs and lows run the gamut from late night, teary phone calls about difficult roommates to ecstatic morning SnapChats introducing the amazing new smoothie bar on campus or an A on a test, to frustrated text messages about a big test coming up. Or no news, is that worse or better… no news is good news? Either way, it’s a definite parenting transition. Our previous tactics of being present are foiled by proximity and we can’t simply reach out a supportive hand, hear the day’s news while sharing a favorite meal, offer up stress-relieving breaks for ice cream or fill the house with the smell of their favorite cookies baking.  On the flip side, modern technology provides some great opportunities to stay in touch but, sometimes, you just need something a little “more” to support, nurture and celebrate their independence.

College Care Subscription Kits!

We immediately turned to what we do best and created a college care package to ship cupcakes and cookies to college, or anywhere really.  Our care packages and decorating kits include everything and are a unique way to a drop a little love into an otherwise average week and a fun break from their normal routine!  We learned quickly too that the College Care Package took on many roles… a great ice breaker helping meet new people in the dorm, a much-appreciated study break that was fun to share with friends, or a sweet birthday or holiday surprise from home. With no need for an oven, or even a kitchen, and no special tools required, the kits could be enjoyed and decorated anywhere! The Sweetology Care Package Kits and Cookie or Cupcake Decorating Kits arrive with our pre-baked, naked cupcakes or cookies, pre-filled bags of real buttercream frosting, a few fun decorating tips to get creative with the bags of frosting, colorful sprinkles, and some cool cupcake toppers to finish things off. The whole experience is theirs to create, whether they spend more time decorating their own edible masterpieces or frost straightaway to get right to the best part, eating, we know they are a fan favorite of college students! For the socially savvy, it’s also a bonanza of delicious, curatable, content to share on their stories.

Nothing can replace hearing your voice or a warm embrace but staying in touch and sending an occasional special treat are welcome reminders that we’re thinking about them and how much we love them. When you’re ready to send that special reminder, shop our full selection of decorating kits for all occasions, birthdays and holidays, or explore our subscription Decorating Kit boxes shipped monthly or bi-monthly. The specially priced College Care Package subscription includes 4 shipments perfectly timed throughout the year for Halloween, 1st Semester Finals Study Boost, Valentine’s Day, and a 2nd Semester Finals Study Boost. Order your College Care Package subscription today to have your student included in the early October deliveries.

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