Deluxe Gingerbread House Decorating Kit

If you are looking for a fun activity for your holiday party this is your event. The party will begin with 15 minutes of basic decorating instruction. Your hostess will then give you a "tour" of your decorating box where we have packed it tight with materials needed for fun decorating. Things like fondant, edible decor, gummy inspired materials, sprinkles, cake coloring gel, professional tips and piping bags, tools... the rest is up to you and your imagination. This is sure to be the most deluxe gingerbread house you have every seen. Your guest get to mix their own royal icing colors and fondant then use professional set of decorating tips and piping bags. The Sweetologist can guide you on how to make a fondant penguins, polar bears or gumdrops or dive into 1/2 lb of unique and deluxe candy. You and your guest will be limited only by his or her imagination. This experience includes an interlocking gingerbread house for easy assembly, royal icing and 1/2 lb of a variety of candy and sugar decor. Our Sweetologist will work with the party hostess to make this event as special and unique as possible by specializing the theme, adding special materials, or structuring the event as a decorating competition.
$75 per Deluxe Decorating Kit

Includes all kit costs, UPS ground shipping and virtual party room and hostess.  Minimum 10 kits required for virtual party hostess. Please order number of kits needed for party shipping addresses will be entered at checkout.
Date and time to be mutually agreed to. Spaced Limited! Contact for booking details.