Corporate Team Building for CEO C Suite

Corporate Team-Building Tips

Corporate Team-Building Tips

Team-building activities are important for instilling collaboration, motivation, and problem-solving skills in your team, however, it can be difficult to plan an event that your team members will actually enjoy. Sweetology has experience creating fun and engaging team-building events for corporations and we have discovered some tips that are essential for a successful team-building activity.


Corporate Team Building Ideas

1. An Engaging Activity - Think Outside the Box

It is important that your team is committed to the event — avoid boring team-building activities your team has grown tired of. Instead, plan an activity they do not do regularly such as decorating cake, cupcakes, or cookies and let them take them home and eat the results!


Corporate Team Building Ideas for Bonding Fun

2. Establish a Common Goal - Collaboration Made Sweet

Team-building activities are great at encouraging collaboration among your team members. This can be accomplished by working together and having a common goal. Try splitting into pairs and figuring out how to decorate a cake that resembles your corporate goals, or have a friendly competition with one of our Nailed It parties. 

3. Include your Team in the Planning - Choose Your Theme

Let your team members participate in planning the event by taking their input into consideration. For example, let them decide how the event unfolds. What theme should you choose? Should it be a competition? Should you donate the decorated product to a local charity?


Cereal cake decorating kit

4. Get to Know Each Other - Decorate and Socialize

Every great team-building event will allow your team members to have fun while getting to know each other better. For example, during our Breakfast Meeting Team Bonding, each team member is asked to share their favorite cereal and use it to create a cake. Next, they explain how their favorite cereal reflects who they are as a person.

5. Give Rewards - Motivate with Candy

Nothing is a better motivator than candy! Have your team vote on their favorite cupcakes or give out Candy Crush! cubes to reward the team member who shows the “best effort” or is the “most creative.” Come up with a list of superlatives so everybody can join in on the fun.

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