Cookie DEcorating Kits for all ages

Cookie Decorating Kits top the "Easy Button" List this year!

Cookie Decorating Kits top the "Easy Button" List this year!

Who says there isn’t an easy button for holiday baking?! We’re here to take the stress out of the time-honored tradition, so you can have more time for all the memories that you love to make! As busy moms and business owners, we understand how hectic this time of year can be with all of the holiday parties, shopping for the perfect gifts, wrapping, decorating, and… phew, the list never ends! On top of all that, you’d love to keep up the Christmas tradition of decorating cookies but when in the heck are you going to find time to bake cookies, not to mention gather all the supplies and make the frosting? This is usually when one of two things will happen: one, the baking doesn’t happen at all, or two, you’re baking cookies at 2am with your eyelids propped open by toothpicks. Don’t get us wrong, we love the effort and we love homemade cookies, but sometimes you’ve just got to delegate. Now you can delegate the cookies without compromising delicious, baked-with-love quality. If you’ve already heard enough and you’re ready to push that easy button, here you go. Shop our variety of Christmas cookie, cupcake, and gingerbread house decorating kits now.  If you’re still curious, read on and we’ll share more of the delicious details.

Sugar cookies have been a yuletide tradition since before Scrooge became a Christmas convert. At Sweetology, we are committed to honoring that tradition with uncompromising quality and unparalleled flavor. When we say our cookies are baked with love, we mean it. We love what we do, and we pour that passion into every sweet morsel we create. Our bakers use the same high-quality ingredients you’d expect to find in your own kitchen and every batch of frosting is handmade, precisely measured and mixed to creamy perfection. If we could, we probably even go sweet-talk the cows to ensure our butter is better. Oh yes, you read that right, our buttercream is still made with real butter because, seriously, it really does make the most delicious frosting! When we’re prepping the frosting for your cookie kit, we even go one step further to make decorating easy-breezy. We pre-fill piping bags with various colors so all you have to do is snip the bag open, add the decorating tip of choice (we include a handful) and, voila, you’re ready to decorate. Once we bake the cookies and mix the frosting, we pack all of that yumminess up and box it with some of the cutest, most adorable decorative toppers, sprinkles and jimmies we can find then it’s off to the post office we go.

Your cookie kit arrives at your door, ready to decorate right out of the box. Could it be any easier? If you’re not ready to decorate soon after your kit arrives, you can keep them frozen until you are. Cookies are approximately 3” in diameter. Instructions are included in the box. Choose a traditional Christmas cookie decorating kit or one of our other fun designs, the Merry & Bright or Winter Wonderland kits. We also have a special Hanukkah Cookie Kit too! If cookies just aren’t really your cup of tea, we offer all of our kits with a cupcake option instead. Our cupcakes are baked with the same love and care as our cookies. Believe us when we say, you’ll taste the difference. We currently offer our kits with a choice of chocolate cupcake, vanilla cupcakes or a combination. Each cupcake is individually wrapped for freshness. It’s also handy if you only want to decorate one or two at a time and keep the rest frozen to decorate and enjoy later. Other than changing up the baked goods, the cupcake decorating kits arrive with the same amazingly delicious buttercream frosting in pre-filled piping bags, decorating tips, and all of the fun toppings. Last but not least are our Gingerbread House Decorating Kits. We hand-pack every kit to include your unassembled house, three colors of frosting, and loads of our favorite candy for decoration. The house features a unique design utilizing interlocking pieces that make assembly a (ginger) snap. It also means less drying time before it’s ready to decorate. (A particularly important feature if you have little ones anxiously waiting!) Once you’ve given the house a few minutes to set, it’s ready to add your candy decorations. Load it up and get creative, we’re pretty sure there’s enough candy there to make the Candyland kids green with envy. Order now for Christmas delivery and don’t forget to snap a photo of your completed decorating projects and share them with us @sweetsweetology. We’ll still be here after the holidays too, creating more great kits for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and more!

Happy decorating!

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