9 Sweet Ways to Get Creative with Spring and Summer Gifts and Activities

9 Sweet Ways to Get Creative with Spring and Summer Gifts and Activities
Do you love this time of year, as trees unfurl their buds and flowers sprinkle the landscape with bright pops of color? We do too, but as May quickly approaches, we can’t help but feel the pressure of springtime frenzy and the need to “do it all.” Maybe you can relate! Sweetology understands that you have many To-Do items in your life, so we offer products and services that allow you to check them off and rest easy.  Our friendly and skilled staff has the details of your experience covered, so you can let go of the worry and have some fun. Here are nine ways Sweetology can make life a little simpler, and much sweeter:

  1. Thank You gifts for Teachers or Staff Appreciation are just a phone call or online order away.  We can even individually package cupcake or cookies for you.
  2. De-stress Decorating Care Packages for students studying for finals!  Our cupcake and cookie decorating kits come with everything so you can decorate anywhere, even a dorm room.  Decorate-your-own cupcakes and cookies are a welcome, creative study break for stressed-out students.
  3. Cake Decorating Parties for End-of-Year, Summer Birthdays, Showers, Scout Troops and more.  Our party packages are all-inclusive. Once you book and invite your guests, you can sit back and enjoy the fun while we take care of the rest!
  4. Custom Order: Cakes, cupcakes, and cookies designed for you.  From graduations to birthdays, we will create the perfect dessert to coordinate with your event.  Call, email or stop by to order.
  5. Creative, technology-free summer camps for kids are an imaginative way to get them away from their screens and into a creative, hands-on experience.  Weekly sessions throughout the summer for kids entering grades 1-8.
  6. Enjoy Mom & Me cake decorating classes for Mother’s Day, and a whole host of other spring and summer weekend decorating classes for all ages.  All classes included a take-home project, so not only will you learn a new skill, you can share your delicious decorated cake or cupcakes with family and friends.
  7. Ship-able Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Kits to send a creatively fun surprise for your out-of-town graduates or birthdays!  Monthly subscription kits too! With lots of themes to choose from, these kits come complete with everything needed to stretch your decorating muscles to make your very own custom design cookies and cupcakes.
  8. Sugarfina Candy Cubes and Bento Boxes are a quick and easy pick for an elegant hostess or teacher gift.  Available in-store only, choose from St. Louis’s largest variety of Sugarfina flavors.
  9. When you’re not quite sure what to get, a Sweetology Gift Card is perfect for anyone who enjoys sweets or fun experiences.  Purchase in-store or online for instant electronic delivery.

Hopefully, you find at least one helpful item from our list above that will allow Sweetology to check something off your To-Do List.  Please be sure to leave comments below to let us know what you think, and if you have suggestions for other products or services you’d love to see Sweetology offer.  Be sure to watch for next week’s blog post when we feature our decorating kits and subscriptions, what is it, how does it work, and more.

Stop by and decorate with us soon!  Until then, remember to stop and smell the roses — or in our case, stop and taste the frosting! 😉


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