How to cope with online learning in fall 2020

Covid-19 has brought the whole world to a halt, and unfortunately this includes your children’s schools, after school programs, recreational sports and all of the other activities that gave them time to play and learn out of the house. While it’s tempting to throw on Disney + and hope for the best, this still leaves their craving for hands on stimulation not satisfied, and not to mention this leaves room for them to get “creative” in ways that lead to broken vases and crayons on the wall. Put the Mr.Clean magic eraser down and breath; there are plenty of ways for your kids to keep a full schedule while staying safe. First and foremost, it's imperative that you keep your child's age group in mind when choosing an activity for them. Not only do they have different needs socially from group to group, but the hard and soft skills they need to learn also differs from age group to age group. Take qualities they enjoyed in the activities they were in pre-covid and apply those to your at home projects. Did they like how collaborative or hands on their activity was? Or do they prefer to ride solo and stimulate their minds. Being at home 24/7 can be confusing to kids when trying to learn, there is no physical separation between learning, activity, and leisure time. You can mimic this separation by altering your child's surroundings as they go from task to task or hold each activity in different rooms. Accommodating all of this can be difficult and time consuming, but here at Sweetology, we can offer hands on tactful fun that quickly gets kids passionate in what they’re doing and learning new skills from the comfort of their own home. Our structured curriculum will be your savior from DIY messes and failed mom hacks found on Pinterest that left out a couple of steps. Our kits will ship right to your door and your little ones will be enjoying the indoor virtual fun in no time. We offer a plethora of uniquely themed cupcakes, cookies, and cakes that will please even the pickiest of kids. Everything is definitely going to be different this upcoming fall season, but it doesn't have to be any less fun!

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Sweetology, O'Fallon, MO, coming soon

Sweetology, O'Fallon, MO, coming soon


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