Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party

It’s the bride’s last few days of freedom before she ties the knot, and it’s time to throw her the Bachelorette Party of her dreams.  If you’re tasked with planning this soirée, the pressure is on to hit the party sweet spot, leaving lack-luster to hot mess to the amateurs.  Here are a few suggestions to help you nail it!

Avoid common pitfalls. Remember, this is a night for your bachelorette to reminisce with her best girlfriends and create some special memories. With the pressures of wedding planning growing, your bride will enjoy a little downtime with her besties that’s still an upgrade from a usual night out. Be sensitive to your bachelorette’s personality and vision for the party. Unless she’s looking for a crazy night on the town, you’ll need to think a little more creatively. Crowded, loud bars make it hard to socialize with each other, dinner at a restaurant isn’t all that festive, and “clubbing” is often a recipe for disaster, littered with stale pick-up lines and boyfriends showing up.

Communicate often and early! It’s important to get your date on everyone’s calendar early to allow everyone to work around it.  This also gives out-of-towners time to make any necessary travel arrangements or accommodations. Communication is also key to managing everyone’s expectations and establishing a budget for the party.

Time it right.  Coordinating a time can be tricky, especially if the bride tribe is scattered across the country.  Too far out and you lose the momentum of the growing excitement toward the wedding day, too close to the big day and the bride-to-be may be too stressed out with wedding jitters and details to truly enjoy the party. Planning the party 3 to 4 weeks ahead of the wedding day is ideal.

Be budget-friendly. Every bride is unique, and there are so many creative ways to make your party the perfect bonding experience for her, without a weekend in Vegas! Kicking it up a notch doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Coordinate with everyone who will attend the party (unless you’re planning to foot the entire bill) to come up with a price per person that works for everyone. Remember to divvy up and include the bride’s expenses in that number too. It’s also okay to skip the gifts for this one unless you’re specifically planning for this to be a combination shower-bachelorette party.

Once you’ve established a date, budget, and have ideas about what will make your bride happy, it’s time to pick the perfect party venue or activity. There is certainly a multitude of ways to create a memorable Bachelorette Party from spa days to wine tastings but why not go for something far sweeter? At Sweetology, your guests will enjoy every moment of an entertaining cake decorating experience in our photo-op-worthy venue. All while sipping wine or enjoying signature cocktails. Cupcake Martini, anyone? There’s no limit to the creativity and fun once your guests unleash their artsy side during a traditional decorating class or getting a little crazy with a Nailed-It style cake competition. It’s quality time guaranteed. We’ll also work closely with you to match decorating projects and themes to your preferences and budget so you can create a celebration that is made exclusively for her. Planning the party outside the St. Louis area but want the Sweetology experience? We can ship the decorating fun to you with our cookie and cupcake decorating kits.  For more information about parties at Sweetology, visit our party page or contact us to book a date.

So, what are you waiting for? Live it up ladies, and celebrate at Sweetology!


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