Charity Cupcake of the Month!

Charity Cupcake of the Month!

readyreadyIt’s back to school time! We see you smiling, parents! Since it’s one of the most wonderful times of the year, we figured what better way to celebrate than with a special cupcake to benefit the little readers of St. Louis? Our Charity Cupcake of the Month benefits Ready Readers of St. Louis! As seen on their website,, Ready Readers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring preschool age children from low-income communities to love books and to have the emergent literacy skills necessary to become readers when they enter kindergarten.

Who Are They?

Founded in 1997, Ready Readers is ran by trained volunteers who share a passion for learning. Volunteers read high-quality books aloud to the same classroom of children for thirty minutes every week, and then participate in stimulating reading-related activities afterwards. In addition to reading to the children regularly, the same volunteers distribute new books to the children so that they can begin to build their personal libraries at home. Learn more about the organization by reading and watching an informative video here: Could you imagine life without your favorite reads? With the work of organizations like Ready Readers, many young readers in our community won’t have to.

readyreaderEvery month, Sweetology works to create a custom cupcake for a local, charitable organization like Ready Readers. For every charitable cupcake’s purchase, one dollar is allocated to the given month’s charity. Take a peek at Ready Reader’s studious sweet treat! Pop in our store today and grab a dozen of these delightful desserts!

To learn more about Ready Readers, visit their website,, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter! Stay in-the-know with our latest news here on our blog!

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