How we do “Green” at Sweetology, Earth Day 2017

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How we’re doing “Green” at Sweetology

It’s important to us as a company to create a business that can peacefully coexist with the environment. We continue to be on the lookout for ways to offset our impact.  Here are the steps we’ve already taken to be a more eco-friendly business.

  • Eliminating paper orders and entering everything electronically
  • Re-useable frosting bowls in place of disposable containers
  • Re-useable decorating tips
  • The two changes above resulted in a substantial increase in washables. So, we recently added a commercial, high-efficiency dishwasher that will significantly cut down on the amount of water used for washing and the amount of water heated.
  • Installed an energy-efficient hot water tank
  • Incorporated a Sprinkle Bar with shakers. This has eliminated the need for either disposable or washable ramekins. We’ve also seen a big reduction in waste!
  • All light fixtures are fitted with CFL or LED light bulbs.
  • All recycle-friendly materials that cannot be washed and reused are recycled
  • Refillable soap and sanitizer dispensers.
  • Many of our materials and supplies are now being sourced locally to help cut down on shipping impact.
  • We relocated our store into a smaller footprint to eliminate wasted, unused space.


10 Easy tips for Going Green at Home

  1. Switch to high-efficiency light bulbs. (They’ve improved LEDs dramatically and the prices are very reasonable these days.)
  2. If it’s time to replace an appliance, upgrade to an energy efficient model. (Look for the energy star label.)
  3. Stop using disposable shopping bags. There are some great re-useable options available. I love the ones that fold up to the size of travel tissues. I always keep one or two in my purse.
  4. Skip the disposable water bottles! Buy a re-useable water bottle. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. It only matters that you refill and reuse! My personal favorite is the Corkcicle Canteen. It’s a little pricey but it keeps water cold for hours and, because it’s metal, it has, so far, proven itself indestructible.
  5. Wash laundry in cold water and line-dry.
  6. Check your thermostat. Go a degree or two lower in the winter and higher in the summer.
  7. Turn the lights off when you leave the room.
  8. Unplug charging cords and appliances when not in use.
  9. Reduce junk mail. Opt-out of all those pre-approved credit card offers at
  10. Shop local markets and restaurants. Frequenting businesses that buy locally reduces the energy used to get the food to the marketplace.

Check out these great websites for more information and tips on going green: or

Be sweet to this earth, it’s the only one we’ve got!

DeAnn Bingaman, Sweetology VP of Marketing

Decorating Membership BT

Sweetology Memberships are a “Sweet” Deal

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Sweetology basic membership – decorate FREE for a year for only $4!

We’re continually looking for ways to make Sweetology St. Louis’ sweetest, creative destination! Along with the opening of our beautiful new store location in Town & Country Crossing, we’re introducing Sweetology Decorating Memberships!  For our loyal, frequent decorators, you’ll love the sweet deal of a membership!  If you’ve never been here to decorate with us, then, WOW, do we have some treats in store for you!  Sweetology is the place where you come to decorate cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. Everything in our store is geared to assist you in creating a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You can relax and enjoy the process, while we deliver a hassle-free, memorable experience…and we take care of all the clean up!

When you decorate at Sweetology there is a standard, per decorator, Makery Fee of $4.99 that includes things like aprons, food coloring and flavoring and unlimited access to over 50 different sprinkles.  With a Membership, that Makery Fee is waived so you get unlimited decorating AND you also get a complimentary birthday cake!  That’s a $100 value!  Below are complete details for both our Basic and Premium Memberships.

  • Basic Membership: Each Member may come in for FREE with a waived Makery Fee for 12 months. You can come in and decorate as much as you want without incurring the $4.99 makery fee.
  • Basic Membership also includes a Complimentary Birthday Cake that one of our Sweetologist will decorate and customize to your request. The Birthday Cake alone is a $46.99 value. So basically you are getting a free year of decorating for $4.00.
  • Total Value: $100
  • Basic Membership Cost: $49.99

We also offer a Premium Membership that includes everything in the Basic Membership but also allows you to have a

  • Premium Membership: Each Member may come in for FREE with a waived Makery Fee for 12 months. You can come in and decorate as much as you want without incurring the $4.99 makery fee.
  • Includes a Complimentary Birthday Cake that one of our Sweetologist will decorate and customize to your request. The Birthday Cake alone is a $46.99 value.
  • FREE non-alcoholic beverage each time you come in to decorate
  • unlimited decons (edible cake decorations) when decorating
  • ability to reserve a seat in the Makery so that you never have to wait.
  • Total Value $250.00
  • Premium Membership Cost: $99.99

Memberships are available for purchase online or in the store during your next visit.  Now put down that electronic device and get in here for some old-fashioned, creative fun!

Grand Opening Celebration, Saturday, May 6th!

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Grand OpeningWe’re up and running now at the new location but we’re so excited about the new store, we want to celebrate with a Grand Opening party!  Stop by to see the new store and decorate with us on this extra special, fun-filled day! Every hour throughout the day, we’ll giving away great prizes including Sweetology Decorating Memberships, cupcake kits, camp sessions, and other fun goodies! Sammy J will be on hand to make fantastical balloon sculptures for kids and later in the afternoon Princesses Belle and Sleeping Beauty will be in the store to visit with our little decorators. Bring your cameras!  It’s sure to be a fun, smile-filled day!

  • When: Saturday, May 6th
  • 10:00AM-6:00PM: Open tables all day for decorating!  
  • 10:30-11:30AM: Free Cake Decorating Demonstration
  • 12:00-2:00PM: Balloons by Sammy J, Free balloons for children
  • 2:30-4:30PM: Appearances by Princesses Belle and Sleeping Beauty (free meet and greet)

Sweetology: Relocating to Town & Country

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As we packed the final boxes and moved out the last of the store fixtures from our Ladue store, there was a mishmash of emotion but mostly we’re filled with anticipation and the excitement of taking what we’ve learned to grow and perfect the Sweetology concept in a new location.  We are looking forward to reopening the store very shortly in it’s new home at Town & Country Crossing.  The new store will provide Sweetology with greater visibility and a location more central to the majority of our customer base.  We will continue to offer individual cake, cookie and cupcake decorating experiences, birthday parties, showers, private events, and corporate team-building activities.  Sweet treats in the form of candy, frosted cupcakes and cookies will also continue to be a daily feature for guests on the go.

In spite of our best efforts, construction and inspections seem to have their own timeline and we anticipate welcoming guests to the new location by April 1st, if not sooner!  We regret any inconvenience caused by this temporary interruption in business.  Updates and information will continue to be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Find us on any of those platforms @sweetsweetology or click the links below.  Thank you for your patience.  We’ll see you soon at 1232 Town & Country Crossing Drive, located between Target and Stein Mart.




December Decorating Inspiration: Ice Cream Cone Trees

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These ice cream cone trees are an easy fun project.  We decorated these with green buttercream and sprinkles.  You can also use royal icing or melting chocolates to coat the trees.  We love the trees on top of some yummy cupcakes but they also make great additions to our gingerbread houses!

Supply List:

  • Cupcakes frosted with white buttercream, topped with white sprinkles
  • Buttercream frosting tinted green
  • Piping bag fitted with a star tip
  • Sprinkles and candies (we used chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the “lights” on our tree)


  • When you pipe the frosting on the tree, leave the tip of the tree bare.  This gives you a clean surface to handle the tree and put it place.  Once in place, finish piping the top of your tree.
  • You can cover the trees with a basic “star” or you can give the tree a more textured look by applying the star in a downward motion, release the pressure on the bag and quickly pull the tip out and away.

Enjoy and happy decorating!  Stop by and decorate with us at Sweetology!


Sweet Scare Photo Contest

Sweet Scare Cupcake Decorating Photo Contest

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Scare up some delicious fun! Decorate your own sweet or scary Halloween cupcake or cookie and submit a photo to the STL Parent and Sweetology #SweetScare contest

Contest Entry & Rules

  1. Decorate your own sweet or scary cupcake or cookie at Sweetology or in your own kitchen (Mention “SweetScare” at Sweetology and we’ll give you 4 naked cupcakes FREE to get you started when you decorate in the Makery. Frosting, fondants, toppers, etc. sold separately)
  2. ENTER: Post a photo to your social media with the tags #SweetScare and #SweetSweetology
  3. Photos must be submitted by October 31, 2016
  4. Share and encourage your friends to vote at STL Parent
  5. Voting closes November 7, 2016
  6. One winner will receive a Cupcake Decorating Party for 8 guests* valued at $275

*Cupcake Decorating Party for 8 guests includes 4 cupcakes per guest to decorate, frosting, sprinkles, fondant, piping bags and tips.  Party must be scheduled during regular business hours at a mutually agreed upon date and time.

Free Cupcakes for America’s Birthday

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Receive 6 free naked cupcakes to decorate when you mention America’s Birthday.


Mention “America’s Birthday” when you are decorating in the Makery at Sweetology and we’ll give you six free naked cupcakes to decorate for the 4th of July. Standard makery fee and pricing applies to all other products used for decorating. This offer may not be used in conjunction with other offers, coupons or vouchers. Limit one per guest check. Offer valid June 30 – July 3.

Top 10 Contestants, as seen on Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship, Season 2.

Casting Call: Kids Baking Championships

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Kids Baking Championship” is currently casting children ages 8-13 for Season 3 of this popular TV show.

They’re seeking talented kids with the ability to bake a variety of different dishes, from scratch. Contestants will be selected to appear on the show to participate in a series of baking challenges. Ultimately, one winner will be awarded a grand prize!  

The casting company is trying to get the word out to as many as possible about this awesome opportunity for talented kid bakers so if you know of anyone who loves to bake (and is between the ages of 8-13) please SPREAD THE WORD! 

Our flyer with more information is attached. 

To apply, parents can visit:

Click this link to view the flyer: KBCS3Flyer

Sweetology Magic at our place or yours!

Birthday Party Planning Made Easy

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Kids birthday parties are particularly special at Sweetology. Making the guest of honor feel like a king or queen for the day creates a unique and lasting memory, which, to us, is the best gift we can give! Sweetology Magic at our place or yours!We work closely with our hosts to create a wonderful experience that ease the planning and allow them to relax and lets us deliver a fabulous party. Whether you are planning a party in your home or on location, follow these simple steps to sweet, party success!

Four to Six Weeks Before: Theme, guest list, date, venue.

  • Choosing a theme for your party isn’t a necessity but sometimes kids have definite ideas about what they want…sports, princess, beach or the latest movie blockbuster.
  • Make a guest list so you know your space and budget requirements. Parents will need to help with the guest list for younger children but once they enter kindergarten, your child will definitely have an opinion and should help with this process.
  • Confirm your date with your child’s best friend(s)! It will be impossible to find the “perfect” date for everyone on the guest list but there is most likely at least one key friend your child will want to be there to celebrate.
  • Book your venue! If you are not hosting the party at home, reserve your date and off-site location. You can reserve quickly and easily online at Remember, you can host a Sweetology Decorating Party anywhere! We can even ship decorating party kits to kids at camp!
  • Considering entertainment? At Sweetology, most guests find the 90-minute decorating party experience a perfect fit and some opt to add a magic show or character visit during the party. Discuss this option with your Sweetologist. They may have preferred vendors for you to contact and you may need to add more time to accommodate the additional entertainment. You should book entertainment as soon as you have confirmed your date and time for the party.

Three to Four Weeks Before: Invitations!

  • There are so many great options for invitations. Kids love to get mail but if you love the convenience of email, then you may want to choose an online invitation service. There are lots of great options available. Many crafty kids enjoy making their own invitations. This is a great way to get them involved in the planning process and start building the anticipation for the party. Be sure to include date, location with address, beginning and ending time, and RSVP’s! If you will be serving food, let parents know this information too. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the creative process and mailing. If you’re not particularly artsy or your child has selected a specific theme, hit up the local party store for ready-made invitations.

One to Two Weeks Before: Decorations, Supplies, Activities, Party Favors

  • Sweetology is loaded with lots of eye-popping color but guests sometimes opt to add balloons or a few decorations in their chosen theme. Balloons can be ordered at the time the party is booked or added up to a week in advance. If you are hosting your party at home, you’ll want to order your balloons at least a week ahead of time to pick up the morning of your party.   If your child has selected a specific theme, you may opt to buy a few decorations, plates and napkins to match the theme. We provide all supplies for our decorating parties including basic white plates, forks and napkins.
  • If you are hosting your party at home or off-site and you are planning additional activities or games, make an agenda and timeline. Maintaining a good pace will insure your young guests are constantly entertained and engaged. Allow approximately 10-20 minutes for each game or activity, including lunch, cake, and presents. Purchase any necessary materials or supplies and secure extra helping hands for the party, if you will need them.
  • Party Favors are included when you host a Sweetology Decorating Party! Each of your guests will take home their yummy, decorated, baked goods.   Trinkets and candy are inexpensive favors that can be added or you may want to include custom aprons or t-shirts for your guests. It’s entirely up to you. If you are choosing a customized party favor such as an apron or t-shirt, you’ll want to be sure and order those well in advance.
  • The week before the party, contact any guests who have not replied and confirm your number of guests.

2 to 3 days before:

  • If you are planning to serve snacks or food at your party, purchase and prepare. Easy, nut-free finger foods such as pretzels, crackers, or cut-up fruit work great for kids. Pizza is always a popular option and can be delivered at any time you designate. Most pizza shops will let you order several days in advance of your desired delivery date.
  • Gather any supplies, decorations, or materials you want to bring to the party.
  • Coordinate any special birthday clothes your child may want to wear for the party. Nothing is worse than when your child is melting down because his favorite shirt is covered in grape jelly and it’s the only shirt he wants to wear!
  • If you are hosting your party at home, decorate the night before or at least a couple hours in advance so you won’t feel rushed before the party.


  • Arrive a few minutes early to settle in and get organized. Generally, you can set up 15-30 minutes before the party but double check with your Sweetologist just to be sure..
  • Encourage your child to help welcome their guests and get ready for a fun party.
  • At Sweetology, our Sweetologists will take-over at this point and facilitate the party for you. They will guide the activities and keep your guests fully engaged throughout the decorating and clean up process. Once the decorating is completed, your Sweetologist will lead the group in the birthday song, blowing out candles and cutting the cake. Opening presents is optional, depending on time. If you have opted to add extra time to allow for pizza, snacks or entertainment, your Sweetologist will coordinate the timing of these activities as well.
  • If you are hosting your party at home, follow your activity game plan. It’s your roadmap to staying on task and keeping things moving. Be flexible and expect that some things simply will not go exactly as planned. If you maintain your cool and go with the flow, generally the children will too.
  • As parents arrive to collect their children, encourage your child to thank each guest for coming to the party. Later, once the ribbons and wrapping paper have been cleared and the sugar and adrenaline rush subsides, your child may write thank you notes for her friends. Homemade notes are lovely but ready-made will definitely do the job. Most important is the sentiment that includes a sincere thank you.

Good planning makes for a successful party.   Whether you host your next party with Sweetology or not, we wish you sweet party success!
















Here we “Grow”

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You’ve asked and we’ve listened!  Based on overwhelming feedback to expand and add more interactive fun to Sweetology, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to add a 3D chocolate printer,1280-3d-choc-printer-product-website-image build an airbrush station at Sweetology and potentially add a mobile Sweetology.  We believe the 3D chocolate printer will be the first in retail use in the United States.  View the campaign details here and join us on this exciting adventure!


sweetmobileContribute to our campaign and share, share, share with everyone you know so we can all enjoy sweet success!



NEW Decorating Memberships, No Makery Fee for a year and a free cake!INFO-BUY NOW